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Originally Posted by orthojoe View Post
I agree with you and like the way you think as well. While I have no doubts that the Z/28 could be daily driven, it isn't the best use of the cars capabilities. It's along the same lines of the original hummer. People were buying it just to drive around suburban streets, never actually taking the vehicle off road. Sure you can drive a hummer on the streets, but other than the 'hey look at me' factor... why? On the street you're only realizing the negatives and none of the positives of the car. If you're looking for dual duty street/track, then it makes sense. Never/rarely take it to the track? ZL1 is better.

A hitch for a tire trailer, or a trailer option would be nice. I'm actually not a fan of the 19" wheels. I'd much rather have an 18" wheel option. Better and more R comp tire options, which are cheaper in 18" as well.
The Hummer, although a Monster Jam sized vehicle, was an expensive toy, and impractical for street use, was bought by some of those who could for the look at me factor I would agree with. But, it did have the comfort ammenties as well I believe. The Z/28 I predict may be a purchased by a few with the expendable income to show off, but it's gonna be very harsh to drive on cruize nights, to car shows, or little circuit tours around the bling bling rides. This won't be like the all. Daily driver does not fit in the Z/28 lexicon.
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