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Originally Posted by sac130e View Post
Aside from price, what the advantage/disadvantages of the axle back over the cat back?
I like having a direct connect, meaning if I'm replacing the exhaust I want the entirety of the factory exhaust gone, so Long tubes with an x-pipe that then bolts onto the catback. If it's an axle back, you've still got old piping from the previous exhaust. Not necessarily bad, but it helps with overall flow. Most of the mid pipes on MOST cars are crushed piping which restricts flow because it bottlenecks at the area of the crush. Another benefit is if resonators come into play. Resonators don't flow very well. They're not as bad as catalytic converters, but they still bottleneck exhaust flow. A lot of aftermarket exhausts don't have crushed pipes or resonators like the one pictured below is a good example of a crush pipe ON a resonator, so just imagine how terrible that is (you guys get to laugh since it's on a mustang. poor guys):

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