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Originally Posted by CamaroSS_LS3 View Post
That’s a good theory. I read where some were using syringes to extract old fluid and replacing with new fluid to resolve their clutch issues but I would still have the dealership do it so they have a record of the issues. Many including me think the single shared reservoir for brake and clutch fluid was not a great decision. I guess this same issue exists on newer Vettes from what I have read.

I am no expert though, just read a lot.
I read alot too on this subject too. I read the syringe thread. I am going to look at it when I get home and change it out if it is not light yellow as you say. I have cattle syringes so I can extract the old fluid pretty easy. I am thinking that could be the problem. We shall see.

I never had an issue on the Corvette. I think you are correct though, shared resivior, bad idea.

I am of the thought the less the dealership touches my cars the better. I have little faith in them. I do all my own services on all our vehicles with the exception of our truck. Its a 2006 Ram 2500 diesel and frankly I don't feel like messing with it! Brakes, oil changes, tune ups... I have done that on the IROC, Honda and Jeep. I have done a lot on the IROC and Jeep. Both seem to always need something!
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