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Originally Posted by tunacan58 View Post
Followed camaro5 for awhile now reading and learning, some may know that I got my wife 2LT IOM (NMFQPP) for her birthday (#50 on 9/21). Here is the rest of the story! I ordered on blind faith, never test drove, just looked and sat in one. We stopped by the dealership and the owner’s was on showroom! We walked in and she froze in-place, and said in a whisper “I like this car!” I ordered on Jul 3rd and told could take 3 months maybe less. Went back next day (without b-day girl), dealer had allocation (no games from dealer) and I put 500.00 down and walked out fat dumb and happy! Those who have ordered know what came next, the eternal waiting, tracking, waiting still at 1100 and on and on! One day checked in and went to 3000 and had TPW 8/13. Might get it in time for birthday….Then nothing…no 3400….no 3800 and VIN, for two weeks! Did a check on the spastic, nothing? Checked the next day…..BINGO, VIN!!! Got call three days later, cars here!!! WTC, now where do you hide a new Camaro for 3 weeks? (I’m military) Hide it on base, don’t drive it, just look at it! Well, I made it!
Also part 2 of birthday gift is road trip to FL (where we honeymooned, 28 yrs ago), Daughter relocated to TN, 2 weeks before and needed her stuff moved down on Sep 19th….combine trip, drop her stuff in TN and climb in Camaro and head south! Moved the car from the base on Thursday( hidden at nursing home) in town, sneak out late Friday night, hide car on other side moving truck, do birthday card, wrap key fob in jewelry box, AND DON’T LET WIFE LOOK OUT WINDOWS OR GO OUTSIDE UNTIL SATURDAY MORNING!! Saturday we packed stuff in suitcase and she wanted to put stuff in car! Now is the time> Give her the card, and wrapped box…explain I wanted to do early due to moving daughters stuff, she buys off on that, reads card, looks at box, guesses jewelry, I smile…..she opens finds key fob…looks puzzled… I explain that I got remote start put on her Saturn Ion for birthday…and suggest we go out and try it! She presses the start button and her Saturn does not start….But the hidden out of sight camaro does!... She walks to the front of moving truck, see the camaro and asks “is that a camaro?” I say “NO, it’s your camaro, happy birthday!” She’s got the biggest smile, now! I had our destination downloaded in the OnStar…Needless to say she had a blast on the trip…and I’m her Hero! Best gal in the world, gets the best car on the market! I don’t see her much now…She’s out driving! GO FIGURE! Thanks for letting me bend your ear! Camaro5 folks you rock!
tuna.. thats a fantastic story ... but you know whats next...

No pics of the car or the unveil

Its ok, I could feel her (and your) excitement just from reading. Sorry you can't make our trip to Hocking but did you suggest it to the wife? You know, Mrs. tunacan is welcome to go with out you.

Enjoy the car... they are great aren't they!
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