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Originally Posted by CoolestCamaro873 View Post
while i AGREE that the magazines, especially r&t and motor trend, seem to be biased towards ford. they are kind of right when they say the mustang lineup eats the camaros lineup. but they will always have the advantage of using a platform that has been in existence with the mustang for decades whereas gm is still tampering with their platform for the camaro. only time will tell when the 6th gen camaro and all-new mustang debut on new platforms/chassis' b/c than both models will be starting from scratch!
I'm with you in that the Mustang has a far more diverse lineup than Chevy's offerings but I'm not sure if I agree with your assessment as to why. The current Mustang platform, the S197, debuted in MY 2005 and received serious upgrades in MY 2010 and again in MY 2011 to accommodate the 5.0L Coyote. The platform on which the Camaro is built, the Zeta, began production in Australia during the 2006 MY, just one year after the S197 was released. Of course, no one knows for sure -- other than Ford and GM employees -- how long prior to release both of these platforms were in development by their respective companies...
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