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Originally Posted by anthonybyram View Post
Brother to Andy. Maybe Andy built it? Ive got a old, old, HotRod or CarCraft with the turbine Camaro in it. Thought it was Vince that built it, although thinking back, it may have been Andy who built the car but it was an AMAZING car! Just was wondering what ever happened to it? Im sure one of them built it, Im old not senile , now all Ive got to do is find that damn magazine with it in it. (LOL)
Andy never built anything - Andy does the talking but Joe and Vince did all the working on projects. The Cover of Hotrod you refer to is the twin turbo Camaro (not turbine) the Turbine CORVETTE was on the cover of Popular Hotrodding and Motor Trend. Not calling you senile but there is no Granatelli Biult TURBINE Camaro - that is a fact. I am as Granatelli as you get and I would know
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