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Originally Posted by DRKS1D3 View Post
Agreed 100%. People talking about this car being in the neighborhood of $75k??? Camaro aficiandos have been asking for a Z-28 since the 2010's came out. Now GM brings it back as an overpriced (potentially), stripped down, track car. I think they're really limiting their market here. Remember the SS/R? Yikes!!!

You are absolutely right. We ARE limiting the market for this car. It is not for everyone.

I'm trying to decide exactly what the issues are here and I'm starting to believe it's because we have two schools of thought here:

The first school wants the Z/28 to go back to its roots. (Hint: did you note that the car is a "Z/28" and not a "Z28"??? -- go do your homework.......)

The second school wants a Z/28 (I should say in this instance "Z28" that can be built 15 bazillion different ways........)

We made a decision and we're sticking to it. The "Z/28" is a hallowed moniker that became 'less and less' to some people over the years.....

If you are not happy the way the Z/28 is configured, we offer you:





And if that's not enough for you - you may want to consider ordering a 1LE and then modding or dropping your own LS7 engine in the engine bay........

Lastly - and I'll say it again (pay attention!) CAFE STANDARDS! Get used to them or vote our electeds in Washington out of office...........
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