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Originally Posted by tjbusa View Post
Maybe Senator Dodd can write in loophole in the stimulus for z-28 funding, it does seem far more important than getting AIG bonuses and look what he got them.
Originally Posted by Optimus Prime View Post
LOL! What a messed up country we live in! I'm grateful for our freedoms, but we certainly have gone too far...

Originally Posted by gtahvit View Post
I'm still on the "not now, but maybe later" bandwagon... The problem for me is "maybe later" might be too long for me to wait....
I'm on the 'now' plan cause life is short... and there's soooo many things I want to do.

Originally Posted by irpq11 View Post
I'm a selfish prick. Please forgive me.

But I kinda hope it's years before they do either so I don't have to regret buying early.
Live with no regrets because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted!

Originally Posted by zebra View Post
are you serious?

for one... they weren't 'bailed out.' they were given a loan; one with a soon-coming repayment plan.

as for "following through on in-demand halo cars" - they built this car up from the ground & released it in 3 years. that's faster than any car on a whole new platform. one thing that made it seem longer is the fact that we knew more info than ever before during the pre-production phases. another note about following through is the fact that without knowing all the differences, you'd almost mistake the production car for the concept that everyone fell in love with. that's a rare occurrence in the automotive world.

with the convertible (and more than likely the Z28) they had planned on a later release anyway. wheh the financial crisis hit, it only delayed the plans a bit further than they already had been. considering the fact that they had a pre-production convertible in plain sight during the 3/16 celebration, that shows that they're making progress on it & still don't mind letting us know that it's alright.

maybe you should do a little more research before coming out with accusations like that... especially in a place where people keep up with the topic you're griping about.

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