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the 5spd V6 Camaros were pretty rare... there are alot of people with the '97 models that I've heard getting 30mpg on the highway... haven't really heard anything like that about the newer ones... they all seem to get about the same as the LS1 Z28s/Formulas... I honestly would never consider a V6 in a 4th gen because the LS1 is just so darn efficient... 28-30mpg on the highway and 300+rwhp on tap at a moment's notice... but that's just me.

if you figure what used to be the regular lease terms was 12,500miles per year... and multiply that by 6 (since that's how long its been since the 4th gen V6s were produced), then you get 75,000 miles... so 75k to 100k is about right for a 98-02 Camaro/Firebird... they really do last quite well if you take good care of them and if you can find a 1 owner car, then you'll be set to go with a car that was probably pretty well maintained... or, at the very least, you know the history of.
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