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Originally Posted by wrek View Post
This is the first Chevy I have owned. I have been a Ford driver since my first car... though I did have a Firebird TA for a short time in the 80's.

Anyway, here are things I wish we had in the car but obviously didn't stop me from buying my first Chevy!

PAINTED stripes. I can't believe I paid almost $500 for these vinyl things. I agree.
XM Delete I love XM
On-Star Delete Meh
Keyless start You get what you pay for.
Locking fuel door (or remote release) If the fuel door is anything like the G8 it locks when you lock the doors and unlocks when you unlock the doors. Maybe other that know will chime in.
Optional all-season tires lol No Comment since I don't live in a cold climate
Automatic Windshield wipers This is a hair nit picky I think.
Functional ram-air mail-slot would've been sweet Yeah I agree
black rim option for the Transformer I agree
HID fogs Meh

Yeah, it's just a wish-list, nothing major but I really would've liked an XM and On-Star delete option.

My two cents...
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