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Gotta love this shit!
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Firstly, it must be nice to be a spoiled little shit and have a brand new Camaro handed to him. My first car was bought after a summer cutting grass, and all I could afford was an '84 Dodge 600 with countless miles and oil in the airbox.

I'm just playing dude.

I will add though, take the advise from the other guys who already posted. DO NOT turn your brand new Camaro into a test bed for an underaged driver just learning how to drive a stick. Buy a beater and learn that way. Ya **** up the clutch, so what. The car will probably be worth less than a new clutch anyway.

As for my personal opinion,... MANUAL all the way. I've driven both auto and manual. Nothing can top the feeling of coming into a tight turn, downshifting, then dumping the clutch and slamming the gas just at the apex causing the ass end to whip around the bend just before you catch the next gear and haul ass down the straightaway.

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