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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
I'm confused with your post. Not sure what you're asking about.

I will say that I don't think your "someone in the know" actually knows about the LS3. I can tell you 100% without a doubt that headers and a CAI will NOT require new injectors. All you need to do is surf the V8 sub forum. Every other thread asks about headers and a tune.

An intake does not require a tune but that doesn't mean a tune wouldn't help. Same with's technically not required but you will have CEL come on and your air/fuel mixture won't be optimized.

You can always go with a set of SOLO or JBA high flow cats instead of headers for now. Those don't require a tune but you'll only get about 20 rwhp vs about 30-35 rwhp with headers.

My best advice is for you to do more research. You probably need to start looking around in the V8 section. These questions get asked constantly.
I read through there quite a bit. I know the advantages of each mod but it's a new car to me with new brands and this will be my highest HP car to date to own I'm just looking for all the variables. "Someone" at SLP said given my car being a DD and I'm not concerned with being the fastest car maintain warranty and not incur additional costs(injectors/tuning/dyno time-might as well do headers then) that I should just start with just the SC; new intake pipe that comes with it; the "canned" tune. He stated that these Camaros seem to be needing bigger injectors and tuning for efficiency reasons and will need tuning and both the SC and car warranties go bye bye. <Paraphrasing (unless I purchase an additional warranty)
Like I said, I'm just kind of thinking out loud and curious what people thought. this 1LE WILL react differently to the TVS on there with that generic tune though. HOPEFULLY better! :P It's why I didnt start another whole thread there and just added it into my current thread here.
I appreciate your comments man, that's what I'm looking for.
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