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SLP 2010 Camaro ZL575 supercharged -- unique aero parts & "SS" on grill

As featured on HOMEPAGE.


SLP recently showcased its ZL575 Supercharged 2010 Camaro at the Carlisle Nationals this past weekend.
On this Camaro are some deliciously unique modifications.

What the SLP ZL575 gets you is the following :

-- 2300 Series TVS High-Output Supercharger for the Camaro V8 (550hp automatic / 575 hp manual)
-- axle-back exhaust system
-- cold air induction system
-- sports suspension lowering 1" in front / .8" in rear
-- RTM Z28-style hood with functional heat extractor scoop
-- 1st gen Camaro style rear deck spoiler
-- custom 20" 5-spoke red line wheels with machine face and ZL centercaps
-- rear tail light panel blackout
-- heritage-style SS badging
-- rear quarter vent gill insert decals in flat black
-- *optional ZR1 clutch / 3:45 gear / Brembo brake upgrade

It goes without saying that we are impressed with any forced induction option, but we're also impressed by the
custom look of this car, especially the functional Z28 style hood which required the filling in of the factory "mail slot" in the front fascia and the custom wheels.
Checked out They have pics up of the car and finally, all those who wanted an SS on the front of the grille like the first gens can SEE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! I am only posting this since I searched aimlessly on the site and found no user-submitted pics of this yet.

Turns out they finally completed the prototype model. On the frontal picture, you can see they designed sort of a backing to fit into the indention left by the bowtie - I am sure the final piece will be a little more color matched to the grille.

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Ugh... so unfair about the limited production on these things. I want that spoiler so bad. They'd make a fortune off it, it's the First-Gen-ish one everyone's been craving.
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