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Friendly Reminder - Team Camaro/ Cellphones for Soldiers challenge....

A repost - but well worth it!

It's not too late to start collecting -

A very worthy cause - and some great gifts for those who bring us the most phones. You DO make a difference in a Soldier's life for each phone, blackberry, or PDA that you donate!


Team Camaro and Camaro5 are issuing a challenge to everyone in the Camaro/Firebird Enthusiast Community......

Those of us in the United States and Canada have Freedoms that are the envy of the world. Those Freedoms are preserved by the men and women serving in our Armed Services.

Cellphones for Soldiers was created as a way to provide Telephone Calling Cards for our Active Military serving overseas. Imagine how important a "call back home" is to each and every member.....

It works like this: You donate an old unused cellphone, PDA, Blackberry - no need to 'scrub it' - it gets recycled - and the proceeds are used to purchase 60 minute calling cards.

I can't think of a better use for old cellphones -

So here's the deal:

Start collecting now! Talk to your family members - neighbors - co-workers - fellow club members -- ANYONE who might have an old cellphone stuck in a drawer..........

Pack 'em up and bring them with you to Camaro5Fest. We'll have a special area where you can bring your 'stash' of phones........

For the top four people who bring the most phones/PDAs/Blackberries for donation - - we'll allow them to select from the following 'Goodies'

A 'concept/prototype' wheel proposal - created in GM Design studios - for final approval of the production 2010-2012 Camaro 20 inch aluminum wheel

A 'concept/prototype' wheel proposal - created in GM Design studios - for final approval of the production 45th Anniversary 20 inch aluminum wheel

A 'concept/prototype' outside rear-view mirror - -created in GM Design Studios - (originally installed on a clay model) for final approval of the production 2010-2012 Camaro

A 40th Anniversary Camaro Poster - signed by various members of "Team Camaro" (with the Lovely Miss Carol and Miss Anne holding up the poster - )

Note: The Concept/Prototype Wheels are made from fiberglass and are not unlike a wheel-cover. They are truly collectibles as parts like this are usually destroyed. The same applies to the outside rearview mirror. Our sincere thanks to Tom Peters and the guys and gals at GM Design for their generosity!

So - get busy!

For those of you who cannot make Camaro5Fest - our Good Friends Becky, Maureen, Joe and Pam at Rodgers Chevrolet have offered their dealership as a collection point! For the person who sends the most cellphones to Rodgers Chevrolet by August 5, I'll have another 'Goodie' that we'll send to the winner.

Simply pack 'em up - and ship them to:

Rodgers Chevrolet
23755 Allen Road
Woodhaven, MI 48183

Ladies and Gentlemen - Camaro Comrades! This is a most worthy cause - you're doing a great thing for our Men and Women in uniform -- AND - you just may end up with a real piece of Camaro History for your "ManCave" or "GalCave!"

Let's get a MINIMUM of 10,000 pieces!

(Yes - charging cords are accepted - but are not necessary - everything gets recycled)

More on Cellphones for Soldiers here:

My sincerest thanks for your consideration,

On behalf of "Team Camaro" --

-- Scott Settlemire (aka Fbodfather)
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