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Originally Posted by Skylane765 View Post
Adding a reservoir will not help anything. You just have to cool more water. Now if you fill with ice that will work. Adding more water does nothing for the inter cooler. Just check out JRE. There is no data to support adding a tank will help the LSA unless you cool it with something other than air. The heat exchanger is so small in the LSA.
The opinions on this I noticed are all over the place. I've read other posts stating that it WILL help and that the stock hx is better then we give it credit for. More fluid means it'll take longer for that fluid to heat up.

The example used was trying to boil water in a pot. Put a little bit of water in the pot, it boils fast. Fill the pot and it takes much longer to boil. It does make perfect sense. So I would imagine a reservoir would certainly help.
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