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Originally Posted by Farthestnorth View Post
Normandy is looking mighty fine, great job and taste in your mods!
Thanks! I appreciate it!
Originally Posted by CliffjumperRS View Post
I had a couple questions for you since you've done such a great job in a relatively short amount of time. Where'd you purchase your vinyl from? Not only does it look like you did a great job putting it on, but it looks like good quality stuff. On the rear black out panel, can you see the under painting around the bow tie? So many of the bow tie black outs leave a space around it, but yours looks perfect from the rear facing pictures, maybe a sliver of white from the side shots of the spoiler (but that could just be the chrome). And is your Anvil spoiler painted or CF? Great job so far, keep this build thread going. I've been around here quite a while and yours is one of the most tasteful i've seen to date. You should send pics to BioWare...

Thanks Ryan! I purchased my vinyl from Big Worm.(
You cant see the any white paint around the bowtie, and the blackout is actually a magnet off ebay. I believe I paid about $10 for it. Cheapest mod to date . The anvil spoiler is glossy carbon fiber. It comes from anvil with a UV clear coat, so nothing needs to be done when it arrives. And thanks for all the kind words. I know shes been geeked out, but its the way I wanted her. After all, she is my space ship.
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