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drag strip after fuse pull

well after an inital showing a couple weeks ago and alot of smack talking to my dad my best was a 13.93 at 103 and his was a 13.2 not sure the mph. i pulled the fuses and managed a 13.30 @ 106 to his 13.23 at 109. I was skeptical about the fuse pull but after i did it i tried to hit it at about 15-20 mph and started going sideways. the car feels much stronger. i put the first tank of gas in and have only used 93 octane. it had almost a half tank from delivery though and i think this was my problem. anyway im not talking any trash now but feel alot dad has a 2010 chally srt8. on this pass i took the rpm up to about 1800 and nailed it. got some spin. my 60' was 2.02. i had a best of 1.99 for the day.

not sure if this will work but here is a link to the vid
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