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Originally Posted by Lgndryhr View Post
Your car has an awesome sound. I've been looking at the MRT pipes, but those Solo pipes sounds amazing. I'm sure though the headers and CAI intake are helping with the sound too. I've already decided on the CAI intake so just gotta pick an exhaust. So hard to decide between the two, lol. Thanks for sharing man. And awesome story with the cop.

Sneaking some time in while on vacation. After the rain cleared up the sun came out and the lake became perfect. Had a blast today out on the lake.

Camaro5 members KMPrenger and Baupf5 are great ppl and I had a great time hanging. Lgndryhr thank you for the knd words. SOLO's with LT's are loud. (It set off an Escalade's alarm system which was parked next me in the hotel parking lot this morning. Upon start up, the Escalade went into a warning mode of intermittent chirps and beeps. After my Camaro's warmup mode ended I gave the gas a quick stab and the Escalade's alarm system went nuts. My 13 year old son, wife and I all had a nice laugh as we drove away. It became a "morning of mayhem".)

It was great to hear KM's set up. I have not heard any other aftermarket exhaust set ups until last night. It has a very nice tone. The one thing you will not get a great sense of on all the different exhaust vid clips is how loud they are. I mean, I guess you can kind of tell but not really well. If you like the volume of the stock system and are just looking to change the tone to a deeper more agressive sound then a setup similar to KM's is a great way to go. I really like the Magnaflows. KM claims a bit of a drone but I didn't really hear one while cruising with him. I guess we did not get into the driving conditions to expose it according to KM so I'll have to take his word for it. His set up IMO is very livable. His 1LT RS 6AT felt strong and the Vararam along his custom exhaust conspire to make the car very rewarding to drive in terms of sound and throttle resonse. VR ain't no joke friends.

KM takes exceptional car of his ride. Any of you out there want a nice ride? Wait for this guy to sell his Camaro (when and if he ever decides to sell it) it's very well cared for. His car was the oldest by a decent spave of time and it looks amazing. The heritage grill looks fantastic and his subtle silver accents look very cool along with the polished RS wheels.

Baupf5's black on black debadged (at the moment) 2011 2LT RS is very cool in an understated way. The wonderful new car smell is very much still part of the experience. Baup's in the process of blacking out his bowties and RS badges. He painted them himself and had them with him as he's getting ready to install them. Let me say his work and attention to detail is exceptional. All of this offsets the polished RS rims very nicely. Suspension wise both cars are stock and ride very nice. Mine has been lowered with Eibach lowering springs. I kinda miss that smooth ride. Both have the Vararams installed. Baupf5 has not done an exhaust yet and his 6MT feels very lively and you can certainly hear the intake. It sounds great and I think the black bowties and RS badges with their excellent execution are going to turn out awesome. (Definitely paint the bowties black in ur center caps. They pop right out and should be very easy to work with, Baup)

Our little impromptu mini car show in the Osage Beach Walmart parking lot was fun. As KM said, lots of thumbs up from passers by and the kid with the 02 GT was cool and seemed very impressed with the V6 Camaros. Again very cool guys and how cool that the Camaro is what brought us all together.

Thanks again guys it was fun. My shoulda coulda woulda is we should have backed all the cars into a semi circle and recorded that to give ppl a better idea of two different aftermarket set ups vs. stock. I think that would have given a decent context of the difference between stock vs. a custom cat back set up with x-pipe vs. LT's/HFC's/x-pipe with strait pipes and resonators after that. And all from the same mic. Oh well I was probably gone from my vacation for about as long as I could be. LOL
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