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Appreciate the kind words are a class act! I told Jak up front "well your car is gonig to be the attention getter of the bunch!" and I was right lol. Everyone was flocking to see his car...and then they'd go look at mine and Brett's...and then back to his before leaving lol.

I may have overstated myself a bit when I said my car has certainly does but only in those rare times. In daily driving it basically has none. I've only every noticed it on longer trips (like this weekend) when the exhaust is good and hot and when the engine is lugging up a slight incline. At those times it can actually get to the point of annoying to me, but really other than that there is no drone. (Sorry, I had to clear that up a bit lol). I was suprised by how livable the SOLO + LT setup is in Jak's sounds fantastic in cabin and really has almost zero drone except at that certain RPM level, but even at that point it isn't bad. You can hear the great growl inside, but the noise is on the outside as it should be. The VR intake can really wake up an exhaust...even stock as Brett proved that to us both.

Your right...we had a missed opportunity there. In fact one of the reasons I brought the camera was so I could record our exhausts together lol...I guess it slipped my mind and I only ended up recording Jaks'. Oh wells...I've used the same camera to record my other videos, so that can still be used a bit as a reference I guess!

Hopefully we can have another get together one of these days!
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