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NOTE: This car has been traded in as is, at this point, follow the link in my signature to the SS Build thread


My obsession with the Camaro started when I first saw a first gen on the street driving in my hometown of Souderton, PA. That summer my Dad took me to the first classic car show, and I was hooked. The 68 was my favorite, I dunno why, it just was. I loved the style and the sound. I had no idea on specific engines, 426 or 396 back then, but I love the sound and power of the engines. I know more now, but not that much more, I know enough about the car I just bought

My parents are big car fans. My Dad loves muscle and my mom loves the styling of the 1st gens. They moved here in 1981 from India and worked their butt off holding down 2-3 jobs to support me. My mom worked 2 jobs while pregnant with me and my dad did 3. People say, making your parents happy shouldn't be a top priority, but nothing makes me happy more to see a smile on their faces. They live their lives through me, they get to hear and see me do things they wish they coulda done, and nothing makes them happy more.

Last year and this year has been rough. I didn't have my best year at work, but this one is already better, but I knew I could still have the car, financially I was ok. But in January, my father lost his job. Being the only breadwinner and them being 500 miles from me, really started to freak me out. To his and mom's credit, they dealt with it better than I did, I guess its because they have gone through worse. But they both were looking forward to the Camaro, and didn't want me to nix that deal.

I picked up the car 2/24/2010 from Diver Chevrolet. They have a stand up crew working for them. I was in constant communcation with Steve Chizik, one of their Sales Manager and he helped me every step of the way. If I had a question, I was given an honest answer, no reading between the lines. When I went in for pickup I signed the papers with Joe. He was able to beat my ridiculously low rate from my credit union and really finish the process smooth and easy. I also met Leslie, the other sales manager and Matt my sales rep. Matt had setup the car for me perfectly and even showed me how to setup the on-star service and bluetooth for my phone. I still screwed it up, so I ended up calling the next day and Clay set me straight. Great job Diver and THANK YOU!

I left for Charlotte the next day and the ride was amazing. It was winter conditions in SE PA and DE, but the car handled it amazingly well on Pirelli's no less. Once I hit dry pavement, I laid down on the gas and realized how powerful of a car I just bought, when they say "With great power comes great responsibility" they weren't kidding. I was getting stares from everyone on the road and immense respect. Even the cops were doing "Drive Bys" to take a look at the ride. At night, the HIDs did their magic, I call them Snake Eyes. People were terrified when I came up behind them and moved out of the way. Today, I have already giving my ex-PM a ride to pick up his car from an oil change and am about to give 8 more people rides in a shifts during lunch...LOL

I want to thank the community here, Diver Chevrolet and GM for helping me make my choice, setup my options and come with a wise financial plan for this car.



1) Window Tint - Completed 3/4/2010 - Speed Styles, Indian Trail, NC -
2) Clear Bra for front fascia and fenders - Completed 4/2/2010 - Clear Water Auto Spa
3) High Intensity Fog Lamps
4) Heritage Grill (no paint)

1) A6 Pistol Grip Shifter - Barton Shifter installed 6/10/2010

1) MRT V2.0 Exhaust - Completed 4/9/2010 - Draco Performance
2) ARH Longtube Headers w/High Flow CATS and X-pipe - Completed 4/9/2010 - Draco Performance
3) CAI Intake - Injen CAI - 5/29/2010
4) RX Catch Can
5) Mace IM Insulator and Plenum Spacer

1) Detroit Speed Kit 1 - Completed 2/25/2011 - City Chevrolet

Here's Snake-Eyes at her day of delivery...
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