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Just got off of the phone with Jonathan at Advanced Automotive Customs and the paperwork for my partial sponsorship is all done. So I am officially sponsored by AAC, partially at least.

I figured it was good enough news to put into the journal. That and I have a few more pictures to boot. I haven't yet gotten around to wiring the dual halos up again. I have fieldgoal's wireless DRL harness, but it's currently not really working. So I'm on the fence with the following

1) wire the halos up to the remote box and turn them on that way

2) leave them plugged into the parking lights and they are only on when the car turns them on

3) Then my third option, is I can rig up a switch that runs power from the fuse box and then just change the colors of the halos via the remote box. This way I would still be able to leave them tied into the parking lights.

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