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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
John said "Zed El One" - -Canadians pronounce "Z" as "Zed" rather than "Zee".........we were in Canada - thus, it's a "Zed El One" --

not a "Zee El One"
*shrug* I say "Zee El One" but "Zed 28". Whichever rolls off the tongue easiest. If it wasn't for this post I wouldn't be able to tell you which one was "American" and which one the rest of the world uses. ;-)

I was in Oshawa on Friday for the tour but got there late (after 3pm) and when I was done the tour, most of the lot across from the plant had cleared out for the day... so I went home. The tour was great fun though! My dad (who worked at the Toyota plant in Cambridge, Ontario for 14 years - up until last year) took a lot of videos to send to his buddies from Toyota. Apparently they have some pretty good stuff in Oshawa. Coming from a guy who was stubbornly pro-Toyota - I would say that means a lot!
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