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Originally Posted by Deki View Post
13.3 on DRAG RADIALS. Show me all these 350zs and 370zs running high 12s stock, please. They are mid 13 second cars on average. I ran a 12.77@111 bone stock in 3400DA with stock 18" 235 series Pirelli all seasons and when I did that time there wasn't a single 350z that ran faster than a 13.8, and none of them were stock either.
So much B.S. in this thread.

Low 13s are hero passes for a 350z. There's on a few guy in the country that have run very low 13s in bone stock 350z.

Also - the comment about intake, exhaust, and tune and most 370z run low to mid 12s is total B.S. I would love to see this list of 350z or 370z running low 12s with intake, exhaust, and tune.

A Camaro SS - mod vs. mod - will easy beat a 350z or 370z with equal driver skill.
Heck, my L99 ran 12.16 @ 114 mph with 20" wheels, stock gears, stock conveter, no weight reduction, with just basic bolt ons and a tune. - How many Z's have done that?
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