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Originally Posted by Icntdrv55 View Post
Great video. This works GREAT if you dont have a sunroof. I have tried it with the sunroof and you cant get the back of the headliner to drop down far enough to get your hands up in there. I am afraid if you have a sunroof, you may have to remove the entire headliner. I wound up stopping because Ididnt want to crease or bend the headliner by pulling down on it too much.

If anyone with a sunroof has performed this, please let us know if you removed the enitre headliner or not.
I'm thinking there is plenty of room even with sunroof... Mine did crease on the sides when pulling it down but they are not permanent... I only pulled it out to the B pillars... just reach up and pull the plugs out of their holders first then you can unplug and plug them right at the very rear of the headliner... a bit of creasing on the sides will not show at all when put back up.

Maybe someone w/ a sunroof can chime in here...
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