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Originally Posted by BlueME View Post
I got mine from Rogers Chevrolet great customer service and a great product. Followed the Video posted and installed it in just a few hours. And it looks great………….TJ
Also Thanks to GTAHVIT for the Video it was a great help and yes lowering the back seat is a great help......
Very cool!

Originally Posted by paulsandhu View Post
Has anyone with a black car tried it? Even with a black car I think it will look better having it match the paint exactly.
I think it works for any color.... it's a nice little detail that sets the car off...

Originally Posted by Morpheus View Post
Thank you, GTAHVIT, for this video. I just did this install over the weekend and I'm glad I didn't have to tear out the whole headliner.

That said, it's still a royal PITA to do this swap. I folded down the rear seatback and it helped tremendously, for those of you who have yet to do this. Also, I found it a bit easier to pull down the headliner once I removed my b-pillar trim.

...I'm still sore from contorting my 6'2'' frame around in the back seat, but my antenna looks great!
Glad it helped.
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