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Originally Posted by PfadtRacing View Post
Hi gmag21,

An important question to ask is: What are you intending to use the vehicle for? You already seem to have an idea, but I think a great idea is to start small, and maybe build up as you feel the need to do so.

Drop springs will give you a great aesthetic look (like you are looking for) and a slightly firmer feel to your suspension. There are differences between the manufacturers of drop springs, so investigate exactly which set of springs will get you the right drop, durability and ride quality. A good set of springs will improve the ride by adding a firm but not harsh feel. You'll probably need to get opinions from end users on the relative ride quality of springs. This is a good solution that requires minimal cost for parts and installation, and will provide a similar ride quality to what the Camaro already has.

If you are interested in taking a performance based approach I suggest that sway bar upgrades are a great tuning option. They have the ability to affect car balance without ride quality compromise. These, matched with a coil spring package or coilovers can offer a tremendous amount in terms of performance increase, and maintain great "ride" quality, relative to OEM.

If you are interested in gaining more performance, you could achieve the same drop with a coil-over solution and gain a lot of other things in the process. The benefits of coilovers in general and Pfadt units in particular are tunable damping and adjustable ride height. The adjustable damping fits well with any ride quality concern, because the damping plays a large role in ride quality. With the Pfadt coilovers there are 20 damping positions that will allow you to tailor the ride to suit your taste. Think of this as custom valving that you can change with a few twists of a knob. The softer damping settings provide better ride quality. There is obviously a substantial increase in cost when making the move to coilovers. But the added performance, tuning aspects, and adjustability make them well worth a consideration. There are a lot of differences between coilover manufacturers, so be sure to research this accordingly.

If you are certain you are going to race the car at track events, you will not be wasting your time and money if you purchase the right coilovers. If you are unsure exactly how much you will be tracking the car, then maybe its a better option to start small, and just upgrade the springs and sway bars. Then make the move to coilovers once you get a good feel for the Camaro chassis on a track, and can benefit from the added performance. That way you can take what you learn on the track from your springs and sways, and make the right decision on what features you need in the coilovers you want to upgrade to.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any specific questions regarding suspension upgrades for your vehicle.

Yes thank you,

Im pretty sure I wont be tracking it that much because im in college and my degree (petroleum engineering) is very time consuming and homework demanding so I rarely have time to go out to the track. I think what I would like to have is something (on a 100% scale) that is 65% looks 35% percent performance. I would like the drop to be nice around the tip of my tire, and im willing to sacrifice some ride quality.. But I do like to have fun around corners and most likely will take it to track at some point in time. So yeah im just gonna have to look around a little bit and see what my options are; I'm really leaning towards a package that offers lowering springs, sways, and maybe 1 more little tweak to make sure I can still have some satisifying performance while mainintaing a decent price.


P.S. - I was looking at the hotchkis track pack, which im thinking could be a possibility. Any other companies offering similar packages?

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