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Originally Posted by diarmadhi View Post
That right there tells me this article has false information and has lost its credibility.
+1, Yup. I call it the 'LS2 test'.

how do you know if they're telling the truth, or a half-truth??
Simple: Do they say 'LS2'?

I mean, technically - it is the LS2; 6.0L, small-block, ect - but it's not. It's called the L76.

On that note......I remember reading that article in my Chevy dealer while waiting for the oil to be changed....(Cobalt has a funny filtering system that I haven't taken the time to learn yet, and it's cold out)...anyways, I remember reading that - but I don't remember the LS2 part. My mind must have corrected it without telling me 'cause I definitely thought it said L76.
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