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We started with the canned tune, and went from there. When we dialed the fuel in for a little more safety, we decided to play with the WOT timing. So when we started to see knock, we backed it down 2*.

Yes, the car made 570+ on the canned tune. Well, I had played with part throttle MAF settings. But it was nowhere near WOT.

Yes, I do. We dont reccomend shorties AT ALL.. They are a complete waste of money on these cars. The stock manifolds flow WAYYYYY to well. You cant really see the headers. Especially when you've got the big blower sitting on the top.
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Be looking out for Super Chevy in the coming months. You will see a few things out of our shop in there.

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So this was a 2.8H, with only DT shorties and CB, and at ~ 7.5 psi of boost, on the canned KB tune, the car was making 570+ RWHP? Jesus... I'm a little confused about the knock you mentioned - was that with the canned tune, or after you were in there a little bit?

Also, back to the exhaust for a moment: Do you think a good 3" CB and manifolds would be as good a set-up as this car's current set-up (DT shorties & 2.5" CB)? I might just go 3" from the cats' and leave the manifolds; the shorties would be nice for some eye candy, but I'll need to see a completely stock car to compare for sure.

Also - I just bought the new Super Chevy and that was a good story on the 2.8H you guys had in there.

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