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Originally Posted by Twoblindsheep View Post
Tramtwo I would love to buy them from you but 6k is a lot to ask for... I know they sale like crazy and I have seen someone buy it for 4k. But when you have taxi parts (vendor) sell it for 3800 shipped or GMfan selling it for 2800 shipped also its kinda hard to get rid of the for 6k
I think you are missing the sarcasm in his post. He doesn't want to sell but If someone was dumb enough to pay $6k they can have them. Hell, I'll sell mine for $6k and I have 0 plans of selling.
It's a Dingledarm. It's there to dampen side fumbling. If your marzelvanes fumble too much they can cause total protonic reversal. It gets ugly from there. This is really the biggest problem with the new Camaro. That and the tri-pronged blivot.

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