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Tell him not to sell there are plenty of places that will do this. I myself have the hand controls in my ranger and my 4th gen camaro. What you would need to do is call the DMV and ask them, they SHOULD know of a place or two.

What the place here in NC did with me was they had a woman come down and we test fitted a car for me. Just so happens the controls in the car where the ones I like, they have a wide selection of control handles, tell him to get the one that he wants.

Wat they'll do is they may or may not have to cut the bottom part of the dash for the mounts, it mounts to the pedals and firewall. I can call the company that did mine and see if they know of any place up there.

I'll take some pictures of them for you and where they are mounted to give him an idea, for the pedals you can see a video at

I'm at college right now so if none of this makes any sense, I'll repost later.

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