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Originally Posted by godfathercrc View Post
As featured on Homepage.

I also raced a new Jaguar XKR convertible with a 420hp V8. We were on the long bridge on highway 10 through Louisiana bayous cruising around 65 mph. The guy in the Jaguar was challenging me to a race, so I waved him on as he stood on it. I let him get about two car lengths ahead of me before I got on the gas. When I did, I passed him like he was parked. He probably took his $95,000 Jaguar back to the dealer. I have Vortech superchargers on my front windshield, so maybe hes calling John Snee the salesman at Vortech to see what they can do for him.

Where is our street racing forum? Is it on the homepage now?

Nice numbers by the way! Kidding aside...Congrats!
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