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Originally Posted by Vette TPI View Post
Hey all ZL1 members, curious why everyone is getting a radar detector in their car. Sure it might be worth it if you speed/race on the street that often. But is it that worth it to wreck you baby, and put others and yourself in danger? You guys have track times that back up how fast this ZL1 is, what makes it necessary to go prove it to the guy who has a itchy foot.

Go ahead and debate and hate me, I just don't see the point in money for a valentine, etc. When you can put that money on mods to go make some self records.
Do you drive at or under the speed limit? Or do you go with traffic?

Let's say your driving on a highway which has a 55 mph speed limit. Traffic is going around 75 - 80. You see a cop sitting in the median and don't think anything of it because "you're going with traffic." Well what do you know, the cop sees you in your new ZL1 and pulls you over. He decides that "going with traffic" isn't an excuse for you to be doing 10 - 15 over. You go to court, and what do you know; the Judge doesn't care that you were "going with traffic." You're now stuck with the ticket and the court fees.

Now, if you had a Valentine1 this would have been a different story. You're going with traffic, doing 10 -15 over, when all of a sudden your V1 starts beeping. You don't see a cop, but slow down to the speed limit anyway. Well a mile down the road you see a cop sitting in the median clocking people. You drive by doing the speed limit, and don't get a ticket.
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