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Originally Posted by SaintTimothy View Post
Don't forget Emich (Karl Ritz). They may have already pre-sold their initial allocation, but they are selling them at MSRP. It will be interesting to see what they do with their 'dealer' car. I will try to get a feel for that at their unveiling party tomorrow night.
New here!

I ordered mine this morning from Karl. I'm 8th on the list...looks like Oct/Nov delivery. I'm thinking that Chevy may try to ship out as many as possible by the end of September. Either way I have awhile to wait. He told me they sold their 'dealer' car before the Wednesday thing, and the owner picked it up Friday. They didn't have a Camaro at the dealership today.

I originally wanted to order mine from Burt in Parker, but they didn't seem too interested in taking the order. I pretty much put it on a silver platter, but they just said their original allocation had been filled, had a huge waiting list and left it at that. They also talked a lot about how everyone was selling/getting $10k over MSRP, etc. Maybe if I told them I was interested in paying $10k over MSRP they would have been more eager to put my order in the system .

Anyway....IOM, RS/SS, 6 speed
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