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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
...what a finish to the Daytona 500 race today. I was out of town thinking I missed it, only to come home and find there was a 6 and a half hour rain delay with 41 laps left. Austin Dillon was the primary example of mid pack 3 wide aero issues with these cars. Thet get sucked up the banking when they are either off the rear corner of another ride or too close proximity of another in a large pack. Not a driver issue, just plain physics. It was uncanny to watch the slo-mo. They get swept up like leaf's in the wind. It happened several times with big wrecks towards the end. Not bonehead driver mistakes....just the forces at play on the cars. Amazing. Jr was dominant.... and Jeff and Jimmy helped him keep the front...quite a show....Hamlin and Keselowski made it exciting at the final shootout. Best part was Mr. Hendrick riding inside Jr's car during the victory celebration...I never saw a Team Owner do that before. What a happy day for them. It was like watching kids celebrating together. A special moment. Congrats to Jr, and Mr. Hendrick. It was one for the ages.
Being a Jr fan, I was extremely pleased with the Daytona 500 results. Nice Camaro pace car for the race, great performance from several of the Chevrolet teams and a very exciting race.
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