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Originally Posted by Hemlawk View Post
Doesn't the v6 motor have to high compression for TT's?
The DI motor does have a high static CR, but you got to remember that it's making those numbers on 87 octane. The DI bit pushes the normal CR boundaries quite a bit, even under turbo applications.

Static CR itself isn't the problem, it's the ability to fine tune that defines how well a forced induction system runs. Lowering the CR gives you more of a safe-zone for screw ups vs. running right on the edge of a FI+high CR situation. Hell, I've seen some 12:1 CR port injection motors w/ full turbos put out insane numbers and still be well within limits -- it's all in the tune. One major advantage (as I see it) is the hardware already present from a computer standpoint...the Motec ME9. This little bastard is capable of a super high degree of monitoring and correction, especially compared with older technologies. It's like Atari vs. Xbox360 man, crazy stuff. That was the biggest problem w/ DI up until the last few years -- having an ECU with enough power to control the system, and still be commercially cost effective.

From a mechanical standpoint, the V6 bottom end is forged, pistons are aluminum w/ heat coating to deal with the stress of DI. They also have factory oil squirters ...

Now, if they'd only come out with the 7.2L V12 engine... that would be a hellova lot of fun to tune.
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