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Originally Posted by bscot968 View Post
If GM/Chevrolet go ahead with a Z-28 model I believe it must be something very unique, not just drop in a supercharged engine and put new Z-28 badges and stickers on it. I love the design of the new Camaro and think it is a winner with a bright future. The one thing that shocked and disappointed me about the new model, and I believe the area for a Z-28 model must begin with addressing the weight. Lets face facts, a 4,000 lbs. Camaro is a shame. I do understand that new standards for safety will affect the weight bottom line but seriously, 4,000 lbs.! Loosing at least 300-400 lbs. is doable and I believe it would make a Z-28 model truly world class and unique, the positive effects it would have are mouthwatering to consider. I think of the BMW M3 and how the engineers concentrated on weight when designing the chassis for its new V8. The coupe is just north of 3,600 lbs. All who test drive and review are always gushing about it's handling and braking prowess. How do you think adding 400 lbs. would affect things? I do think it is possible and GM/Chevy could use this as a starting point and learning experience that would no doubt carry over to all other models. Now I just think that somehow we need to get Chevrolet to pay attention and send their obese child to fat camp, assemble a small group with this there one goal. Come on Chevrolet, you can cut at least 300-400 lbs., make the Z-28 truly special and world class while using the experience to better all other models.
Why do so many think that's all the Z28 is going to be?
Note, if I've gotten any facts wrong in the above, just ignore any points I made with them
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