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Breed Wheels

So last week i go on the a corvette forum that i like and i see this new wheel maker on there, Tiring to tell the members about his new wheel company and as usual most members are giving him a hard time on the forum, As he "is another Miami company" as thy say, and a lot of them have been burned by Miami company, So i look at the wheels he has and i find one i like, This one.

So i read all the post's on the forum and find the rims i like the best out of his line, And i send a pm to him not 30 min go by and he pm's me back and gives me all the info i need to think he is the real deal, So i tell him that i need the set of wheels by Friday the 30th of this month ( That is 14 days from the time that we sent pm's ) he go's we can do it, With that i work at tiring to find the offset and send him info, So i find the info that i can and call him up to let him know the info and that was yesterday at 3:00 pm and this morning i get this from him, that as of 2 AM my centers have been cut and that are going to the Painters for the finishing colors and that by this monday it will shipped.

This is there web site.

Hear are some pics of the centers on the CNC.
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