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Originally Posted by MerF View Post
Your parents are really, really brave. I will pray for them.

Not saying you're a bad kid, you could be the exception to the rule. All I have to compare is 1)The way I was at 16, and 2) My younger siblings and my kid.

No way in HELL would there be a 400rwhp car in their diet.

I remember giving my 4-banger Grand Am hell and it didn't even have 200Hp... I would have to say that had I drove a 400HP car back then I would most likely not be here today... or I would be in a wheelchair.
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Well see what insurance will cost you on those cars. A few tips from someone now. I have descent connections. I totaled a G6. and had no car. I had a friend find a 1994 buick century.. i gave $1500 for it. 115K miles not super slow.. but ugly.. was still in great running shape, and easy on gas. like 2 months later an elderly gentleman had died and i purchased a 1995 mercury Grand Marquis with bad paint on the top for $2500 with 70 K miles Now i have a daily driver that is MAJOR comfy gets over 20 MPG with a 4.6 V8 put a 300$ stereo in it stock speakers were pretty good. ample trunk room. etc. and a backup car I do my own oil changes for the most part. and minor work. This is how i will afford to BUY a camaro.. not pay payments on one. Still have to be diligent and squirrel away your cash though. but baby it'll be SO damn worth it.

as for challenger.. please only dodge i even want is a Hemi Cuda like nash bridges had. jsut because it was one sexy beast!

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1998 Trans Am A4 ( was STS turbo until the turbo and oil pump died)

2000 WS6 Trans AM under the knife ( sadly turned into long term project.
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