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I do not remember if I asked, but what clicks are your dampers set at

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Its not too obnoxious at all. I think you will be fine!
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I'm not a big fan of overly large rims but your car looks very nice; great choice of rim style for your look.

I have the Pedder's Extreme Street setup which includes not only the Xa Coilovers you have, but also the bushings and I can't say enough good about it. I HIGHLY recommend you get the bushings done. The combination transforms the car into a true muscle/sports car. All the sponginess in the suspension disappears and is replaced by a very confidence-inspiring glued-to-the-road feel that's just a joy to experience.

Take a corner hard, and it smoothly almost effortlessly glides through; no drama, no bounce, no bushing flex which you truly appreciate once it's gone. The ride is not harsh or bad at all. The car just simply feels tight and firm; mash the gas pedal and you can feel the difference in response.

The Pedder's upgrade was worth every penny.

Blue Angel is here!!
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Originally Posted by foxman View Post
Okay guys,

I'm finally pretty close to complete with my 2SS/RS. I've got about 1700 miles on it and have enjoyed every one so far.

First, I must say, I loved this car from the day I saw the first concept. I bought the car and refused to test drive it until my car arrived. I can not explain how impressed I have been with the ride quality. It is soft and cushiony but still feels confidently planted.

Now that I've driven it and LOVE the ride quality AND had already placed my order for 22" D2Forged VS1 whees, I cannot explain to you how concerned I was in losing ride quality.

All through the equipment selection and build process, my biggest concern has been my wheel choice of using 22" wheels. From the first time I laid my eyes on the D2Forged VS1 on the LMR car, I was in LOVE... I knew I had to have these wheels!!!! But as I waited the months for my car and a couple more months for finally my wheels to arrive, I sweated wondering how much the ride quality would suffer with the larger wheels and the very thin sidewalls.

I read all the posts that I could find and after see sawing back and forth while waiting on my wheels, I finally decided to get a set of Pedders Extreme XAs to install on the car to get the ride height right and to hopefully compensate for the degredation in ride quality I was expecting.

First I have to say that when I got the wheels, they were more beautiful and flawless than I expected. Derrick was a pleasure to work with and really came through for me when UPS lost my lugs by overnighting another set. Oh yeah, and get this. They deliver three wheels on a Friday with no lugs. I've been waiting months for them and all I can do is stare at them and can't even but them on the car until Monday when the last wheel arrives.

During the installation of the Pedders coilovers, I was shocked to notice the differences in the sizes of the huge springs that were coming off and the much smaller linear spings of the pedders going on. My guts were telling me. Man, this car is going to ride like a wooden wheel stage coach...maybe you should just sell this shit and stick with what you have.

All I can say it that would have been a HUGE mistake!!!!

We got everything mounted up, ride height set, and aligned and I pulled it out of the garage for our first test drive and wow what a ride!!!

Guys, for those of you out there worried about ride quality with the pedders Extreme XA and 22" wheels. I'm here to silence those demons that you hear in your dreams. QUIT WORRYING...

The ride quality is awesome. The car feels as if its on rails as far as handling goes. Miles and miles better than the original gear. I cannot find the proper adjectives to describe the difference but I'll try.

The factory suspension feels much softer and cushiony with much more nose dive and body role. It feels more like my 2001 Impala SS I drove a few years back. Nice car but hardly a sports car by my standards but very very comfortable to drive everyday.

The pedders suspension with the VS1s feels much more planted. You feel the road but not in a bad way. You notice the hills and valleys in the road but the car settles very nicely and doesn't get upset when you hit a unexpected hill or dip. Cornering is unbelievable. Even without modifications to the sway bars, the cars body roll is drastically reduced. Braking has also no noticable nose dive. I can best describe it as more like my 2004 Infiniti G35. Stil very very comfortable, but much more of the nuansiances of the road are transmitted to the driver.

One final note on ride quality that I found interesting. Bumps are a bit more noticable but not so much as to be of any concern. You will have to pay a little closer attention when approaching large objects like railroad tracks and such but come on. You cut two inches off of your sidewalls!

As a final verdict for those of you trying to balance style and comfort, It is a step worth taking if you have an extra $9K burning a hole in your pocket. My camaro now stands out in a crowd.

Pics to come soon.
Thank you for placing your trust is Pedders. We appreciate your business. Welcome to the PEDDERS NATION!
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