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all im saying about pricing for those who complaining about pricing is that an audi r8 5.2 v10 525hp starts at $146,000.... if we get a camaro z/28 v8 supercharged 550 hp for 50k to 60k... i dont mind paying for that at all but of course you can argue that the audi has carbon fiber throught out, expensive interior and bla blah blah but for the hp the gt500 and hopefully the z/28 puts out its not a big deal at all to pay for that
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I'm going to fancy a guess and say somewhere in the high 40's to possibly just peaking over 50k easy. Realistically if you throw about $10k on the MSRP of a 2SS that's probably what you'll be looking at. Just my guess though but none of us will know til they tell us.
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My subjective guess is that the Z28 will only be offered initially with the supercharger, and will run $47,995 before you start adding on extras. You could easily go north of 55k with bells & whistles.

There will be built in extras that aren't options on the other models.

The base model will beat the GT500 in the 1/4 mile.

When sales start to sag, they will magically offer the first major update on the Alpha platform with a DI engine, but that's a few years down the curvy highway.

There's my two copper plated zinc disks.

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Originally Posted by SummitWhiteLS View Post

All cars are wayyyy overpriced these days.

35-40k for a new Stang GT/Maro SS. 30k+ for an optioned out LS/LT.

When will the madness end?

I paid $23,500 for my LS, and that's all I'll pay for any car ...
I agree with you on the price thing. I told the salesmen that I was not paying more then $34,000 for a SS/RS. They wanted me to pay that dealers markup and I said NO. They will try to tell you, you have to pay that dealer markup crap. Thats not always true. They are trying to sell these cars as fast as they can. If they don't, they have to pay taxes on them, and at a dealership with about 400 cars on the lot that can get pretty expensive. Thats why it's a MSRP you can eather go up on the price with add ons, or down on the price by just telling them what you want to pay.

I got a fully loaded SS/RS with bodykit for $34,500, brand new only had 4 miles on it.
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If its over 45K I would buy a used Z06 or 06 VIPER GTS
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$43-48K for a Z28
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