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Originally Posted by shnomac77 View Post
Ok this thread is taking a turn so I might as well join....... Curling.....what is the deal with this darn sport. I have never played it and sure as heck dont understand all of it but when its on TV I cant seem to change the damn channel. Why cant i stop watching it???????
Same reason I like to watch it. It's slow motion shuffle board on ice. Facinating how the brooms can change the path of a sliding rock. Can't wait to see how accurate they are. It's the best thing to come out of Canada besides the highway. And soon the Camaro.
Can we get a clock watching smiley?
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Originally Posted by UCF w00t View Post
Hopefully they build the orders that have to go the furthest distance first because then I'll be one of the first Besides, why bother shipping cars to places that still have snow on the ground?
Haven't you heard ...??? All the Canadian orders will be delivered first as Home Land Security will hold all USA orders in 90 day bond at the border.
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I never knew other people felt that way about curling!!! When it is on I can't stop watching it. Im so looking forward to the winter Olympics! As for Camaro...Like the rest of us on here I can't wait to get mine but if it is delayed im cool. I just want to make sure i will have one!
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if this car comes in around the middle of march or earlier i will be SO HAPPY you have no idea. this is my first car and i really cant wait for the day when i pick it up at the dealership. i cant wait to get behind the wheel, turn the key and hear those 422 horses rumble through the exhaust. its love
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Originally Posted by DntWrryBeHappy21 View Post uhm back on topic

Unless GM says otherwise itll be sometime after soon after should depend on what you ordered (color, trim, packages) and I suppose how far you are from the Oshawa plant ( that would make sense for shipping time right? )
Shit. If this is the case, then I'm getting mine LAST. They'll probably make the black ones last. And if you go any further south in Louisiana you'll be in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Originally Posted by MerlinZero View Post
From what I've heard from MY dealer, and from dealers around me I've asked multiple questions... the "BUILD" schedule for the HP cars comming out of GM have been 10-14 days from the day of ordering. That is without shipping. So expect 3-4 weeks for everything. And well if production starts Feb. 16th 3-4 weeks from then sticks you right in the middle of March.... Which is what we've been saying the entire time.

So bet on having it March 16-22nd if you've Pre-ordered.... expect one sitting on a lot waiting to be sold around the middle of April.
Don't be disappointed if it doesn't play out like this. When YOUR dealer gets his allocation for YOUR car, you will begin to get a clearer picture of timing. You will get a TPW(target production week) a couple of weeks after YOUR order gets picked up against an alloccation for YOUR dealer. TPW is usually 5-6 weeks after order pickup. Shipping 1-2 depending on distance and if cars are held at the plant for quality audit( which will likely happen with this launch). Every store is not going to get an allocation for the first week of production. Line rate will ramp up slowly. They want this launch to be smooth and trouble free. Take a deep breath and have patience.
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they should be at the dealerships as soon as they start making them and having trucks send them out. unless they plan on producing a crap load and then sending them all out at once.

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