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Bringing mullets back
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I retired from the USAF in 2004. I bitched all the way from Oklahoma City to New Orleans that gas was $1.50 a gallon. I was so naive then! Then Post Katrina it hit 2 dollars, I was like OMG!!!!! One day a month or so ago I paid over 60 dollars to fill up my Jeep Wrangler. I am just saying I am sooo happy with t around 2 dollars that I just hope we learned how to conserve better so demand stays lower even after this recession is over.
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I beleive the whole oil price was the catalyst to this entire global recession, and it goes way beyond the transportation of goods. Oil provides SO much more than just energy. this is the most common form that we, the consumer, see it. but really oil is linked to all goods that need petrochemicals to produce. plastics, epoxys, resins, they are all derived from petrolium feedstocks. when you go bowling your bowling ball is made from a resin which is made from oil. the plastics used to make a toy or a computer case are made from perto feedstocks. even the glue holding together your car or desk or couch has a bit of petrochemicals in it. so when oil goes up, companies like DuPont raise their prices to match that oil. at some point the people buying paint from DuPont go "well i cant afford a million gallons now, were just going to have to buy 750k gallons." well DuPont is now looking at a 25% decrease in sales, so to stay profitable they drop 25% of their cost, or rather, workforce. those workers now jobless fail to pay their inflated house payment. the bank who has been over lending is now stuck holding the bag so they cant make their payments now either so their stocks fall, and they start only lending to people who "can pay their loans". now people cant get financing for things like cars, so less are sold. less cars means less paint that DuPont is going to sell, so they cut workforce again. I'm not saying its the Oil companies fault that all of this happened, but that was the nudge off the edge that started it all. if banks hadn't overlended and people hadnt overborrowed. if companies hadnt focused on rapid expansion to meet consumer demand and rather pocketed some of that money for a rainy day then we wouldnt be here. i dont blame those companies of course, they were all in it to make a buck. I would have done the same thing probably. all in all, oil prices shouldnt have been pushed up that high on gas, but that isnt what crippled us completely. hopefully all of the oil companies learned their lesson though and will offer their product so gas will remain profitable at < $3.00.

On a side thought i was reading the other thread on "expert oppinions for saving gm" where one of the experts suggested we put a variable tax on gas to where it stays at > 3.50 a gallon all the time. what is their purpose for doing this? i know he said it was to generate money to loan to the big 3, but 3.50 seems a bit high. its almost like they are trying to keep consumer preference out of business decisions and make us all drive small cars, which they have wanted for so long. call me a conspiracy theorist, but i have a feeling the US government were the ones who pushed oil prices up on us so they could finally get the public to obey to this dream of small cars. why else would they be giving the big 3 such a hard time on building cars that the consumer was buying?
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