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Yes $900.00 is way to much for 3-4 hours work.Check around or try install them yourself.Rent or borrow a spring compressor,this will make it alot easier.

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Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
$900 for a spring install is outragous. Call a few more places, $200-300 would be much more reasonable.
Agreed 343$ canadian installed with a few issues of course is usually going price 250-350 is what you should pay for springs
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The most important step in when installing lowering coils is to time the rotational bushes to the new ride height. This is SOP at Pedders and frequently over looked by many. The rubber bushes in your Camaro or any car for that matter do NOT turn when the car goes through the bound and rebound cycles. They TWIST. The twist adds spring rate to the suspension. If the bushes are loaded from the car being lowered you have more spring rate in one direction and less spring rate in another. Obviously that is bad. It leads to a bouncy ride. Many will tell you they never did this and you don't need it. Allow me to pick a fight. They say that because they don't know any better. As good as they thing their lowered car is, they have no idea how much better it would be with the bushes timed to the new ride height. The even spring rate throughout the articulation of the suspension range is Mission Critical. If your tech doesn't understand this or you don't know how to do this just ask me or any Pedders Dealer.
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Originally Posted by Chrm10SpkZ28 View Post
I have searached but figured it would be easier if i could just get all the info I am looking for in one thread. I am wanting to put a set of springs on the car.... Probably a Pro Kit. My question is is just changing out the springs only how bad was the wheel camber? Did you do it your self or have a shop do it? I just went by my local alignment place and he gave me a quote of 900 for labor ONLY!!! So I am seriously considering having a buddy of mine help and do it myself. I have looked over the instructions online and it doesnt look too bad at all but how long time wise am i looking to spend? And after the install did you have to get an alignment? And some after and before pics and what springs you went with would be great! TIA
All spring installations are very similar. It's very simple and you can do it. Here's a video of the Hotchkis 2010 Camaro install:

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