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Originally Posted by rolnslo View Post
C'mon...Are you really comparing apples to apples with the '97 v6 and the '10 v6?

HP: Winner: 2010 - 50% more (304hp vs 200hp)
Weight: Winner: 1997 - 10% lighter (3339lbs vs. 3741lbs)
Cd (Coefficient of drag): Winner: 1997 - .32 (.32 vs .36)
True, but OTOH it is still the successor of the 4th gen camaro... So on that note it is apples to apples.

Still, I love everything about the new camaro, but it just ocurred to me this morning how bad the fuel economy is.
Originally Posted by Nine Ball View Post
Telling Camaro owners to do the speed limit is a lot like telling a room full of straight men to kiss boys.
Originally Posted by C P View Post
I'll go ahead and say it... how could GM let this happen? They have 5 years to develop the new Camaro and no force field to protect from uninsured drivers???? I'm buying a Honda.
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Originally Posted by shadowed_Stranger View Post
I guess I am the only one that thinks the fuel economy for even the v6 is completely pathetic? I got 26 city with mildly aggressive driving in my 97 v6 (stick), and most people I talk to with manual Z28s or SSs say they get at LEAST 20 city.
I doubt your '97 made the kind of power that this newer V-6 does.

Even with more modern technology (DOHC, multi-valve, direct injection), you can't defy the laws of physics. If those 300+ horses are really there, they expect to get fed.

It all depends on how many you use and how hard you want to run 'em.

Shed 1,000 pounds off the new Camaro and you'll help fuel burn too, and do it while improving performance in all areas. But, that's probably the most costly thing you can do, even if it is also the most useful.
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