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Jayhawk USN
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If GM were to offer this option, I would also like to see the engine build option available on Z06 and ZR1 Corvettes. I think included in the package should be some literature, sales booklets, a framed build sheet or window sticker, a signed lithograph from GM, and maybe some less significant licensed products, like a shirt or key chain, from GM. Any factory delivery customers should get a red carpet treatment. People who pay for exclusivity should be treated like kings. It's a matter of customer service. Whatever would happen, buyers should feel so good about this experience that it is easily worth the premium paid.
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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
If an ordering option existed for the possible upcoming Z28 where you could pick up your Camaro from the factory, what do you think should be included with this option and what price would you be willing to pay?

Some examples could include...
  1. All build documents...
  2. Pictures of your car being built along the line...
  3. Tour of the plant...
  4. Getting the opportunity to help build your car in one fashion or another...
  5. Taking your new Z28 to the Mosport International Raceway for some one on one driving lessons after pickup...

If you are interested in buying a Z28, I'd love to hear your input on a possible "pick up and delivery from the plant" option. This would be similar to the pick up and delivery of a new corvette from the Bowling Green Assemply Plant and museum.

Please try not to get unrealistic with your ideas (ie: option costs $300 and you get to build the engine, and everything else possible). Let's figure the option to be around .....say....$1,500.00 to try to keep it reasonable....I mean...with all build paperwork, type of tour, etc, and all (if it were possible).

I'D LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Unfortunately - I couldn't support it with $$$ I don't think $1500 is too much to ask for what we're talking about, and I'd just love to be able to get some signatures and a picture or something, but I'd REALLY like to pick the car up. I wouldn't want to pay that much to pick it up, though. I'll be stretching my budget as it is, but if that were less of a factor, I'd be on this like stink on $h1t I definately like this as an option for those who can swing it
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Great Thread... Great Idea... Count me in if GM ever does something like this...

They could even train them down to Michigan once a quarter and have group deliveries. Not as good as going to the Oshawa plant, but may help with logistics...
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How a bought a package type.
Package One (Ambassador badge-Platinum) 1500.00 you get the fallowing; Framed picture at the plant w/the build teem, Lithograph, Build sheet, birth certificate, signed E.C., T-shirt & B.B.Cap, keep the badge, help build a part of your car, a brick with your name, date & order number engraved at the end of the assembly line, test drive what you ordered .
Package two (V.I.P. badge-Gold) 1000.00 same stuff above but remove the test drive or limit the time.
maybe even one more package but a little cheaper with a bit less stuff....
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The Road's A Bad Joke...
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shouldn't we just be happy to have a Z28 first if and when the darn car ever gets announced for production?
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You want to have factory delivery?
Move the assembly of Camaros to the Corvette Assembly Plant.
Pair up with the Corvette Museum and call it the Corvette/Camaro Museum.
They have the facilities to do all your documentation.
They do a great delivery and prep for Corvettes (I did it in 2005 and it was awesome)
They are building a huge sports complex across the street with a road course, drag strip, and autocross area. What a great place for an annual Camaro Bash!

So everything is there. Just have to move the assembly to Kentucky. They have the room now that they're not making the Caddy!


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Naaaa... I like how the Canadians party. Can't do it up like that in Bowling Green.
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I wouldn't opt for this unless the assembly plant were closer and in the US. I have no interest in obtaining a passport to go to Canada.
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Old 11-25-2010, 02:38 AM   #65
Orange Krate
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Speaking of Z-28... I think someone talked about this commercial in another thread but listen closely at .50 secs as Scott Evans, Assoc online Editor Motor Trend, talks about a 3rd variant (Z28???) previewing at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.


Simi Valley, CA
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The Collector Protector
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If the plant were in the U.S. I'd pay for a factory (Corvette-esque) pick-up. I'd glady pay to help build the engine (Corvette-esque, again) - U.S. plant or not.
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Plant opens doors to public.
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Mr. Wyndham
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Originally Posted by hairtrigger View Post

I don't know if this is a one-time thing or not, but it's part of a company-wide "open house" program they're doing next year.
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Old 11-29-2010, 01:06 AM   #69
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General Motors of Canada will open the doors of its factories in Oshawa, St. Catharines and Ingersoll, Ontario to the public before the end of 2011.

No specific dates have been announced yet, but the open houses are part of a broader initiative by GM in the United States to give the public, "the opportunity to learn more about the company's people, products and plants."

Sounds to us like GM wants to prove all that public money they were leant went to good use. Said Kevin Williams, GM Canada’s president and managing director: “These open houses are our way of showing our appreciation for the support we received and for the communities in which we operate.”
And when we all think back to the days of, "No one will ever see the inside of the factory as it's all top secret. Taking pictures, non-employees back there....never gonna happen."

Things change. Times change. Living a life of "because we've always done it this way...." completely goes against the whole idea of growth in a company. That guy got fired last week and the new guy is saying, "let's think outside the box. Let's bring people in...teach them WHY the car they bought or are going to buy is 100% better in fit, finish, and quality than that 'other' car." If you want to get rid of the old image of GM....and how it's cars were falling apart and people didn't care, you have to teach them. What better way?

It's happening. Doors will open which could also mean potential to be handed keys to a new car on the line. The questions are...what would you pay for that and what would you want it to entail. THAT is what I think could be cool.
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I would pay extra for it! Prob 2k would be my max though. I would even still like to have a signed litho for my 2010.
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