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High performance vehicles division. How many people buy these cars? I can still get 400hp Corvette's and Camaros, i can get a 300hp Cadillac. I can get a 260 hp Malibu. Sounds good to me.
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pry them from my cold dead fingers. rs/ss on order
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chevy dude
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It won't hurt my feelings any to see Hummer,Saab,Pontiac go away,I do feel that saturn deserves a chance though,at least for now.Pontiac has IMHO always had the worst styling of all GM's divisions,along with Saab(yuk!)Their cars look the same today as they did 15 years ago(still ugly)Hummer...who cares?Only the rich can afford to drive them anyway.

No mention of Buick?But then again,gotta have a car for all those senior citizens out thereSo i think it's good for GM to cut-off some of the "Fat",unfortunatelly though i feel sorry for all the auto workers who are gonna loose their jobs because of it:(
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I had read that Buick's are more popular overseas countries.
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Mr. Wyndham
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The performance division was disbanded...but the Camaro SS, for instance...was not produced under the performance division. As such -- there will be future sporty versions of GM cars. They'll just be built as production models, like the Camaro SS, instead of "oh, and lets to this", like the Cobalt SS. No need to get your panties in a bunch.
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Originally Posted by sandrr View Post
pry them from my cold dead fingers. rs/ss on order
what year is your C-10?
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