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Originally Posted by 2010 SSRS View Post
I collected them a while back and have all the 1982 -1992 promo models, they were easy to find back then, I have all the Budweiser Nascar ones to.
there are several of them in diff colors, & there is one that I have been dieing for its a 87 Norward plant one.
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try modelcorral they have all sorts of kits there mostly retooled for they selling they had tons of camaros 1st 2nd 3rd gen there last time i was on the site have fun and good luck
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How about a complete clone :-)
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Been havin trouble finding gen 4 as well... Will keep my eye out for ya man.

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Originally Posted by Revo1 View Post
Been havin trouble finding gen 4 as well... Will keep my eye out for ya man.
Have one of these myself.
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Right, right.
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i got a blue promo model, thanks for all the help guys!

Been havin trouble finding gen 4 as well... Will keep my eye out for ya man.
I only have one 4th gen model, and its really really crappy i got it on a trip to NYC from a street vender, and havent seen another one since. if you find any that are fairly decent and reasonably priced, let me know!!

How about a complete clone :-)

When my camaro is all done, i was planning on doing that! i was actually also thinking of getting one made as it is, for kind of a then-and-now kinda thing. Where did you get it made and how much was it?
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