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Old 03-28-2009, 05:54 PM   #15
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My plan is to have another car as daily driver, and just drive Camaro on nice evenings/weekends, from late April (by then rains/street sweepers have gotten rid of lingering road salt/sand) to late Oct. I want to hang onto this car for many years.

The winter weather/road salt is so hard on cars here, it almost seems criminal to drive the new Camaro through Minnesota winters.
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Another Daily Driver here.
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Permagrin - love it!

DD here to.
OWNER of 2010 2SS LS3 RS RJT

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4200 04/25/09
4B00 04/22/09 - 04/25/09 ?

unloaded 5/1


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ive had my truck for about 2 months and already have 4k on it. this car will get driven
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Will drive mine in good weather March-November, then it will get put away for the winter. Camaros don't like the snow.

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Originally Posted by THE EVIL TW1N View Post
I hope you guys actually drive your camaro's. Nothing more annoying than seeing 20,000+ cars sold (GT500) and never seein them on the streets (i've seen 2). Or like some of the weenie 03-04 Cobra guys who grarage their cars and only drive < 3,000 miles a year, never enjoying their cars. Why even own it at that point? Except for some very few exceptions, they are just depreciating assets.

don't be weenie's, DRIVE YOUR CARS!
I have 20K on mine, so all the GT500 owners do keep them as garage queens.
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Mine will not see a wet road.It will be for nice days only,either in the evening or weekends . I already have a daily driver(which is good cause the traffic in Dallas sucks ass),but i do intend on driving it alot.

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I will be driving my 2010 2SS every friekin cahnce I get , all year , every day, all the time !

I drove my 2000 SS everyday, winter and summer..... in 3 years i had over 15k miles on it avg each year !!
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This Car Rocks !! "Bring It On" GT-500
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Mine will have it's tongue hung out it's mouth when I get done with it.I'm going to drive it like I stole it......................
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Future 5th Gen Owner
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Originally Posted by Milk 1027 View Post
It will be my daily driver. So i have to.
Same. It'll be the first car I actually keep and pay off. I'm gonna drive the CRAP out this sucker.
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i use a 98 civic for back and forth to work. and everything else i use my mustang why go back and forth to work in your new car? ehhh civics are like 1200 bucks might as well grab one for commuting.
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Daily Driver here.

In those "inclement weather" situations (AKA, New England Nor'Easters) I'll be able to take home a company truck (Park the car in the shop overnight...or leave it in my garage if I have early enough warning of the storm).

I miss my 350Z. I actually said to the wife last night. (We were talking about a fellow coworker's kids and how they're 18 & 19 and have NO "ambition" to get their license. They're perfectly content taking the bus around the city and never LEAVE the city). I told her, when I was younger, I was counting down the days until I was old enough to get my licence...and I LOVE to drive. And then it dawned on me...I lost that "Love" when I sold the Z. I love my Avalanche, but there's no "thrill or fun" in that. That long lost love I once had, will be back the day my dealer calls and tells me that I can come pick up my baby!
Proud Member of NEC5!
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