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My thanks to those who have PM'd. And thanks, as well, to those who have "spoken", here. Let me assure you this is NOT idle chatter or mindless speculation. There ARE folks paying attention to this...




The tallying continues...
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LS7 hands down!! i'll always prefer the N/A !!!!
besides.. it's a bigger engine !!
u can throw in a 427 ,, and if somehow it's still not enough .. just put some TT's or a s/c
it'll do ALOT better than LS3's with a s/c !

Originally Posted by snizzle View Post
Wasn't there a reason Chevy didn't use a SC version of the LS7 in the ZR1? Something about the walls were too thin to handle FI reliably.

Correct me if i'm wrong.....
i never heard about that .. but i've seen a few supercharged Zo6's, twin turbo Zo6's .. and guess what, A twin turbo + a supercharger Zo6!! that was craazy ,, it had about 1200-1500 rwhp, im not sure
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I'm going to go with the LS9, I love the fact that Chevrolet built that engine, got to have it!
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I have put a few Pro-Chargers on LS7s and I can say that they are a blast for sure, but ... the LS7 in "as delivered" form is not very FI friendly. You have to be very careful and conservative however, with a piston & cam change, it can get very exciting rather quickly.

But give the three options mentioned, if it where to come from the factory, I'd check the LS9 box with out hesitation.
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LS9/LSA due to the output over the LS7 and LS3 mount patterns. Better for GM in the long run due to the lower cost with the LS3 base on the LS9/A.
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Gary B
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LS7....with at least 525hp stock.
Time for a new ride soon....6th Gen or 5th Gen Z28? Hmmm....
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LS7 please. I'm not worried about beating every Super Snake out there. Where I live, you don't see many Cobras, so I'd still be able to murder 99% of what's around here. Although there is a bright yellow Gallardo Spyder that would probably hand me butt to me....

Anyway, LSA/LS9, with those torque curves, seems almost unstreetable. I don't know though, I've never driven a car that powerful. But I'm an N/A kind of guy. I'd rather put a full exhaust on an LS7 and have 540ish hp without the added weight/complexity of a supercharger. My idea?

Make a Z/28 with the LS7
Make a ZL-1 with the LSA. Maybe a limited edition for a year.
Let the ZR-1 be king with the LS9.
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I swear ...

If the Camaro had the LS7, I would have been canceled my order on the Challenger

LS7 ... hands down

The first rule of modding something that's not American is to not try to compete with modded V8 cars that are American. Really, they can run insane power with little investment. It's not even a fair fight.
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I vote for the LS9. Nothing like that kind of s/c hp!
How the Disciples help Chevrolet and Being a Camaro Disciple
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Originally Posted by THE EVIL TW1N View Post
so how much more potential, exactly, does the LS9 have over the GT500 engine? I'm curious.
Okay sir, I was comparing the stock ENGINES with a few bolt ons. (ie. intake, pulley, tune, longtubes) Which one would put out more horsepower atw, with those bolt-ons (read NO upgraded blower). I don't claim to be an expert on either of these engines but don't GT500's put down something like 550rwhp with those mods, maybe 600 in some cases, (like I said I am no expert and I trust y'all will correct me if I am wrong).

With that said, if the Camaro got the LS9 as an RPO, Mod for Mod it would outperform a modded GT500 w/ stock blower. That's all I am saying. We all know how "Beastly" the GT500's are with upgraded blowers so dont worry, your super snake is still the dyno queen. Let us remember that you can make anything fast it just depends on how much money you want to sink into it
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