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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Houston/Tulsa
Posts: 1,011
Gelboy1015's Black 2010 2SS/RS Journal

Hey guys and gals, my name is Phil and I’ve decided to start a build thread for my Camaro! On May 11th, 2010, my 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS was purchased. I drove it off the lot with 17 miles on the odometer. It has a black exterior with matte black rally stripes and black leather interior. It was built on April 19th, 2010.

Originally, I did not have any plans for modifying it besides maybe an exhaust and cold air intake. I have owned a couple 3rd gen Toyota Supras that I modded with just simple bolt ons, therefore I knew I was going to end up modding the Camaro to some extent. But, after hearing/seeing some modified LS motors with cams, superchargers, etc, that my buddies had, the mod bug bit me . Now, I am planning on modding my car to break 500+ hp, yet remain streetable.

Currently, I have the following mods installed:

- Cold Air Inductions Cold Air Intake (CAI)
- ADM Performance Race Intake Scoop with Custom Washer Reservoir Relocate
- XS Power 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers
- XS Power 3" Catback Exhaust
- Custom Grind 3 Bolt Texas Speed Comp Blower Cam (22x/23x)
- TSP Chromoly Pushrods
- PRC Dual Valve Springs and Retainers
- GM 3 Bolt Sprocket
- ARP Camshaft Bolt Kit
- QTP Low Profile Electronic Exhaust Cutouts with Turndowns
- VMAXX Ported Throttle Body
- Taylor 10.4mm 409 Pro Race Series Spark Plug Wires (Red)
- Billet Prototypes/JamesBiz Billet Aluminum Oil Catch Can
- Gates Heater Hose Relocation
- SLP 160 Degree Thermostat
- MGW Short Throw Shifter with Custom SS Knob
- Skip Shift Eliminator
- Auto Adrenaline Performance Custom Dyno Tune

- 20x9 Gunmetal Forgestar F14 with 275/40/20 Toyo Proxes 4+ (Front)
- 20x11 Gunmetal Forgestar F14 with 315/35/20 Nitto Motivo (Rear)
- 20x11 Gunmetal Forgestar F14 with 315/35/20 Nitto NT05R (Drag Wheels)
- BMR Rear Trailing Arms (Hammertone)
- BMR Rear T/A Outer Poly Bushings
- BMR 1" Lowering Springs
- BMR Subframe Connectors (Red)
- BMR Transmission Tunnel Brace (Red)
- Pfadt Front and Rear Sport Sway Bars (Grey)
- Pedders Front and Rear Endlinks

- OEM GM Ground Effects Lip Kit (Unpainted)
- OEM GM Rally Stripes (Matte Black)
- Satin Black Taillight Bezels
- Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Bowties
- MBRP GFX Muffler Tips
- Huper Optik Ceramic Tint (40%)
- Clear Tinted Front Sidemarker Lenses with Amber LED Bulbs
- Custom Brushed Aluminum Fuse Box Cover
- Custom Brushed Aluminum ABS Module Cover
- AAC P13W LED DRL Bulbs
- Halos + DRLs On Mod
- Billet Oil Cap
- Door Handle Scratch Guards from
- Homemade Washer Reservoir Relocate - Anodized Red finish

- Lloyd's Custom Floor Mats + Trunk Mat with Camaro SS script
- Dash Plaque from a 3rd Gen Camaro (82-92)
- Radio Face Cover from
- Carbon Fiber Wrapped Key Fob
- 9 SMD LED Pod for Dome Light
- LED Strips in Trunk
- Custom Interior Footwell Lighting
- Custom Carbon Fiber Cupholder Switch Panel

My future plans include:
- Supercharger (undecided between the Whipple 2.9 or a Procharger…)
- Full Suspension/Bushing Kit
- NoWeeds Cutouts
- Painted Calipers (either red with white or silver decals, or silver with black decals)
- Various Cosmetic Mods, such as Rear Spoiler, Hood, Sequential LED Tails, Billet Underhood Pieces, etc

So far, my car has been on the dyno:
1st dyno (“Baseline”) – 384 HP/378 TQ (CAI only, on 93 octane, at LMR)
2nd dyno – 403 HP/402 TQ (CAI, Headers, Exhaust, No Tune, on 91 octane, at VDP)
3rd dyno (Baseline before tune; 1/4/12): 410 HP/365 TQ (CAI, LTs, Exhaust, Ported TB, Wires, No tune, at Auto Adrenaline)
4th dyno - 425 HP/377 TQ (Previous mods + Ported TB, Plug Wires, Tuned, on 93 octane, at Auto Adrenaline)
5th dyno - 395 HP/xxx TQ (Same mods, 93 octane, high humidity, at Hennessey)
6th dyno - 477 HP/456 TQ (Blower Cam + Bolt ons, retuned at Auto Adrenaline)
Each dyno was done at a different place/shop, so numbers vary. Not every dyno is calibrated the same.

- Aug 2011: Summer Jam Top 40 Award
- April 2012: Best in Class - 93 and present Camaro/Firebird Class

2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS/RS
6.2L LS3 V8 Engine
6 Spd TR6060 Manual Transmission
Current HP/TQ #'s: 477 HP/456 TQ on 93 pump

Big thanks goes out to some of the vendors who I purchased parts from and had a good buying experience with:

- Apex Speed
- Ivan @ Southwest Speed
- Speed Inc
- EVS Motors
- Advanced Automotive Concepts (AAC)
- Oversteering
- (Wheels/Tires/New-Used Parts), Houston, TX (832.235.0397)
- Wally and the crew at Auto Adrenaline Perfomance, Stafford, TX
- Andy @ ADM Performance
- JWMotoring
- VLED's
- Auto Agenda

I will be posting pictures of my progress, so stay tuned!

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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Houston/Tulsa
Posts: 1,011
First day after I bought the Camaro (5/11/10):

OEM GM GFX Installed:

OEM Matte Black Rally Stripes Installed:

Blacked Out Bowtie with Red Pinstripe:

The Day My Camaro Hit 10,000 Miles! (3/19/11)

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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Houston/Tulsa
Posts: 1,011
So a local car forum (Houston Performance Driving/HPD) was hosting a dyno day at Late Model Racecraft after Coffee and Cars in June. Out of curiosity, I decided to have the Camaro dyno'ed to see what it would make with just a cold air intake installed. On a nice and cool 105 degree day, it put down 384 HP and 378 TQ! Much higher than what my friends had guessed, lol. I was pretty happy with it, but knew I wanted to break 400 eventually... then 500.. then... you know the rest! On the dyno, I also got to see the 4th gen Camaro LMR built that went 243 mph in the Texas Mile.

Coffee and Cars – June 2011

A friend of mine owns a 3rd gen Camaro, a 91 Z28 to be exact. My dad also used to own one not too long ago. So I decided to add a little bit of the 3rd gen touch by adding a dash badge that came off of a 3rd gen.

3rd Gen Badge – 7/14/11

So, I happened to be browsing the For Sale section and stumbled upon a thread by Oversteering where he was selling some XS Power Headers and Catback for a great price as a tax refund special. After asking a couple of my friends what they thought about the deal, I went ahead and bought a set. A couple days later, a 2 big boxes showed up containing nice and shiny piping! I kept them in my room for a couple months until I finally got tired of waiting and looking at them sitting there, so my dad and I installed them. I remember how excited I got after the first crank. It sounded amazing! (and still does!)

Headers and Exhaust + MBRP Tips – 7/28/11

Alot of people commented that one thing my car really needed to make it look better exterior-wise was to tint it. So, I got a quote from a local shop that specializes in working on high end cars. After agreeing to a price, I dropped it off at EVS Motors to have Huper Optik Ceramic 40% tint installed. Now, my car not only looks great, but also is cooler temperature-wise inside. My A/C no longer has to work as hard to fight off the Texas heat in the summer.

Huper Optik 40% Tint – 8/2/11

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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Houston/Tulsa
Posts: 1,011
After spending the summer down in Houston, I went back to Tulsa. I'm a big fan of attending car shows, so once I got there, I googled the car show schedule for the year. I saw one set for the weekend of August 27th, so I planned on attending and entering the show instead of just watching. I had never entered my car into a car show, so I didn't know what to expect. When the award ceremony started, I hoped that I would win something. They ended up calling my number and I won a spot in the Top 40!

First Award – Broken Arrow Car Show: 8/27/11

Over in Tulsa, a group of Lexus and Toyota Supra owners were planning a meet/dyno day for the 17th of September. Since I own a Supra, I decided to go, but with my Camaro. We park our cars in the parking lot of the local park we were meeting at and went off to eat. While we are eating, one of the organizers comes up with 2 girls from Twin Peaks who were there handing out flyers and cards. The girls wanted to know who owned the Camaro. Thinking I had gotten hit in the parking lot or something, I went up to them. Instead of receiving bad news, they told me that they thought my car was the best out of all the cars there, which was funny because most of the cars there had over 600 hp. So I ended up giving them a ride and taking it out on the freeway for a "spirited drive". After the meet, we headed over to a local shop for our dyno day. I went in hoping to break 400 untuned, but wasn't sure what to expect. First run was 398 HP and 420-something in TQ (which was a mistake). Second run got 403 HP and 402 TQ, which I was very happy with.

Tulsa Supra Meet/Dyno Day– 9/17/11

After taking my car to the track a couple times and feeling the "oh-so-great" feeling of wheel hop, I decided it was time to do something to get rid of it. So I ended up buying some BMR rear trailing arms and outer polyurethane bushings. Despite the instructions saying it would only take a few minutes to complete the installation, it ended up taking my friends and I a couple hours because of the bushings being hard to press out with our homemade tool. Plus we had to run to Walmart to buy a grease gun at 2 in the morning... cashier kind of looked at us weird when we walked up. 3 AM, and Im out testing everything out. Wheel hop was greatly reduced and I was happy

Trailing Arms + Bushings – 10/9/11

Coffee and Cars is a big thing down here in Houston. So being in Oklahoma, I looked around for a similar meet. Low and behold, someone had started one in Oklahoma City. So my friend Aaron (Nebo on here) with a supercharged GTO, and I, drove at 6 in the morning from Tulsa to OKC for the meet. We arrived and washed our cars in 30 degree weather and rolled up to the Starbucks where everyone was meeting. Met some other local Camaro owners and chatted for a bit. Had a great time and hope to come back when it is warmer! One of the local GTO guys snapped some professional pics of my car.

Coffee and Cars OKC – November

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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Houston/Tulsa
Posts: 1,011
I was surfing the classifieds one day and saw an ad for some BMR lowering springs down in Dallas. I was planning on coming down to Houston the next week, so Dallas was on my way down. I asked the guy if he would hold the springs for me until I could come down to pick them up and he did. I also saw an ad for some Forgestar wheels down in Houston. So the next day after I got back, I went to go take a look at the wheels and bought them!

Here are some pics of the last time my car would be on stock wheels and springs:

New Forgestar F14 Wheels!

Springs installed (only have pics of the fronts installed for now, still finding time to take some good pics)
Lowering Springs Installed:

^ Fronts only installed, rears still OEM

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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Houston/Tulsa
Posts: 1,011
First Update of 2012!

Well, a lot of things have happened since my last update in here, lol. I've been bit with the mod bug hard, so I've been looking for new mods to put on my car, while still keeping my budget intact.

Since the last update, I have bought and installed:
- VMAX Ported Throttle Body
- Taylor 10.4mm Spark Plug wires
- ADM Race Intake Scoop (Big thanks to ADMPERFORMANCE!) with a homemade washer reservoir relocate (done thanks to members of the forum, specifically Caverman)
- Stock Bowtie that I wrapped in Carbon Fiber Vinyl (Thanks to DirtNMyTeeth for sending it to me!)
- Billet Prototypes/JamesBiz Billet Oil Catch Can
- 9 LED light board from JWMotoring for the dome light. It's really bright!
- License plate LED's and LED strips for the trunk from VLED's

I have also bought other items, but have not installed them yet:
- Gates Heater Hoses for the relocation of the heater hoses from the top of the intake
- SLP 160 degree thermostat
- LED strips for footwells
- LED for glovebox light

First off, we shall start the updates with the VMAX ported TB. Bought it here off the forums from a member on Christmas Day. I was planning on buying one from a vendor, but saw this one in the classifieds section, so I picked it up! Very easy to install. After taking off my stock TB, I was convinced that a catch can was needed. The inside of the intake manifold was coated in oil and there was oil build up on the inside of the TB and blade... it was nasty. I change my oil every 3500 miles too, so I was surprised at what I saw inside. Therefore, I started searching for a catch can.

Stock vs Ported VMAX


Next, I bought a set of Taylor 10.4mm Spark Plug wires. I bought these more for looks to compliment the engine bay. I have read threads on here about gains from plug wires, but I'm unsure if I really gained anything... they do look good and that's all I wanted, lol. If I did gain something, WOOOO!

Stock wire set up and engine bay shots:

After getting the wires and TB installed, I went ahead and got a tune to get rid of the CEL and to fully utilize the power of the mods I had installed. So, I paid a visit to the guys at Auto Adrenaline Performance here in Stafford, TX. Wally tuned the Camaro and was it was able to make 426 HP! Wally and the guys at the shop are great guys and awesome people to hang out with! I would definitely recommend them for working on and tuning your car if you are in the Houston area. I will probably be going there for a cam install in the future.

Before I left Houston for Tulsa, I stopped by Coffee and Cars at Vintage Park. Lots of clean and awesome rides out there, including a custom T-Top 5th gen! Maroon with an Edlebrock S/C. Here are some pics I took of my car:

On January 7th, 2012, the Camaro hit 20,000 miles! I was on a road trip with my buddies and gave them a 5 mile heads up before I hit 20,000 to expect pulling over or something. Luckily, we were passing through a small town and a traffic light turned red right when I hit 20k! So I took pics of this exciting moment... yea Im a loser, hahaha.

Nothing really exciting happened the rest of the month, until I bought more stuff! I bought an ADM Race Scoop directly from Andy at ADM Performance. If you guys are looking to buy one, shoot him a PM! His prices are wayyyyyy cheaper than the ones on here, and you get the original scoop that started it all! Here are some pictures of the install:

For the washer reservoir relocate, I pretty much did the same thing that Caverman did in his thread ( I used a metal/aluminum drinking bottle, 5' clear tubing, and the same fittings he used for his washer bottle mod. One thing to remember is that you need to drill a hole in the cap to serve as a breather, or else the backpressure will starve the pump and it will just pump out air... it took me a while to figure that one out, lol. Other than that, it works great and holds 24 oz of washer fluid.

After stumbling upon a thread about changing the cabin air filter a couple months ago, I planned to change the filter. Months went by, and I still hadn't changed it... until this month, lol. So with 20,5xx miles on the OEM filter, I replaced it. The old one was DIRTY! If you haven't replaced yours, do it!

Next, I decided to improve lighting both inside and outside the car. So, I bought the 9 LED pod from JWMotoring and installed it for the dome light... man this thing is BRIGHT! Pictures below are from the outside of the car that has the windows tinted 40%...

OEM bulb:


So, after seeing what was inside my intake and stock TB, I decided to search for a catch can. I was choosing between the Elite and DREV catch cans because of their removable canister assembly, but I really was on the lookout for a JamesBiz/Billet Prototypes catch can since my buddy had one on his supercharged GTO. Luckily I found one on the GTO forums and bought it! Polished it up and installed it. No current pics of it polished and installed, but I do have pics of when I got it!

I also decided to buy the Gates heater hoses for the heater hose relocation for the 2010's. I got the part numbers from yet another thread by Caverman (this guy is awesome, haha... Since the coolant needed to be drained out anyways, I went ahead and bought an SLP 160 degree thermostat. My tune was already set up for one, so I figured why not?

While changing out my vinyl on the front bowtie, I found out mine was cracked in 3 spots from road debris/rocks... so I searched for a stock bowtie as a replacement. Luckily, I stumbled upon the Pay it Forward thread and found someone who had one! Couple days later, the bowtie arrived in the mail along with the carbon fiber vinyl to wrap it! I would like to thank DirtNMyTeeth for sending me the emblem!

To make changes in lighting, I ordered a bunch of LED's from VLEDs. They were having a 20% off sale, so I bought lights for the license plate, strips for the trunk and footwells, and other misc. lights/parts.

Stock Halogen LP lights vs LED ones

Both LED's on

No pics of the trunk LED strips, but they are pretty bright. I'll probably take some pics when I do the footwells too.

Other than that, those are my updates for now. Hopefully this weekend, I can get the heater hoses and thermostat installed as well as the other LED lights. I also want to get a decent photoshoot of my car in its current stage, so hopefully the weather is nice! Might be going to Wichita, KS to pick up my buddy's GTO, so then would be the perfect opportunity. I hope to have some updates for you guys soon! Thanks for viewing!

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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
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Location: Houston/Tulsa
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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
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More pics
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Drives: Camaro
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looks really good man!

check out my build
seriously though...
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Drives: '10 2SS/RS, MKIII Supras
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Originally Posted by Nebo View Post
Originally Posted by alybudhwani View Post
looks really good man!
Thanks guys! Haven't gotten much attention in here, haha. I am working on putting up more updates soon though! Been really busy lately.

Upcoming updates include:
- ADM Race Intake Scoop installed (with a homemade washer reservoir relocate done thanks to members on the forum)
- VMAX Ported TB installed
- Taylor 10.4 mm Spark Plug Wires installed
- Couple more pics of the car with new wheels, drop, etc

Stay tuned!
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Jackson's COTW
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Car looks outstanding...It simply takes time.....oh and cash...
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